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Selecting a Brand Name: Making a Connection and Avoiding Pitfalls

Choosing the right brand name is a crucial step in establishing your identity and building a strong connection with your audience. It should reflect your values, resonate with your target market, and leave a lasting impression. In this blog post, we will explore some important considerations when selecting a brand name to ensure its uniqueness and avoid future complications.

1. Feeling a Connection:
To create a meaningful and special brand name, start by brainstorming words or terms that are personally significant to you. Consider your likes, hobbies, and the people in your life who inspire you. By infusing these elements into your brand name, you establish a genuine connection that will make it more memorable and authentic.

2. Checking for Existing Names:
Before finalizing your brand name, it’s essential to conduct a thorough search to ensure it doesn’t already exist. Start by Googling the name and searching for it on social media platforms. If someone else is already using it, you may need to reconsider or modify your idea slightly to differentiate it from existing brands. This step can save you a lot of headaches and legal issues in the future.

3. Trademark Search:
Even if your brand name appears to be available online, it’s important to check for any existing trademarks. Visit uspto.gov, the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, and perform a trademark search on your chosen name. This step will provide a comprehensive overview of any registered trademarks that might conflict with your brand name. It is crucial to avoid potential legal disputes down the line.

4. Taking Time to Reflect:
After you’ve gone through the initial steps of brainstorming, checking for existing names, and conducting a trademark search, take a step back and give yourself a day or two to let the name sink in. Sometimes, what seems perfect at first might not resonate the same way over time. By allowing yourself a brief period of reflection, you can ensure that the chosen brand name aligns with your vision and stands the test of time.


Selecting a brand name is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly. By establishing a personal connection, conducting thorough research to avoid conflicts, and giving yourself time to reflect, you can choose a brand name that truly represents your values and resonates with your target audience. Remember, a well-selected brand name can have a lasting impact on your business and help you build a strong and memorable brand.